acquired for over $10 million    

  • Published on : 2023-04-13 11:27:02
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Dharmesh  Shah announced today that he acquired for eight figures amount. He didn't disclose the exact amount though. He mentioned that it was NOT purchased to replace the domain name of his current interest/venture(?), He mentioned Chat UX is going to be the next big thing in software industry. It seems he is really interested in chat business and trying to tap into the potential of AI chat that exploded with launch of ChatGPT.





On the sidenote, he also made it clear that the newly acquired domain is open for acquisition for anyone who'd be interested and that he'd make large donations to Khan Academy, a non-profit education platform, from the domain sales proceedings.


This deal was brokered by Hilco Digital, a domain and NFT investors group from the US.


Dharmesh Shah is co-founder of HubSpot and a veteran software professional from the US. He's tech savvy and appears quite passionate about domains. He acquired and launched some time ago. His company HubSpot acquired for $10 million about a year ago. He recently launched, an AI-powered tool.




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